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Red Roman Roof Tiles next to the Ski Center of Kalavryta

Faithful to our heritage, our company combines style and perfect fit with durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Our roof tiles ensure a healthy home environment and provide ideal indoor microclimate conditions, since they breathe, and allow freshness in summer yet keeping your home warm in the winter, qualities known for ceramic products, which make them stand out among other roof cladding materials.

They meet freezing resistance and water permeability requirements, achieving the highest ratings at the appropriate tests.

As of their increased design thickness, Panagiotopoulos roof tiles afford improved heat insulation while their increased weight capacity (250 kg/piece) allows speedy installation (installers may easily tread over them without failure or slipping) and makes them ideal for the installation of solar power systems, solar water heaters and other sun power systems, avoiding roof tiles failure during installation and maintenance works.

Furthermore, as of their resistance and structure, they present zero damage during transportation and installation, saving time and costs throughout construction works.

The superiority of our products lies in our unique focus on quality, having created state-of-the-art, well equipped European – standard laboratories, for research and control throughout all production stages.

  • Allow transpiration of roofs
  • Unique range of natural hues and colors
  • Resistance 250 kg/piece
  • Roof Tiles that prevent slipping during installation works
  • Ideal for solar power systems installation
  • No damages during transportation and installation
  • Fast and economic construction
  • Controls throughout all production stages

Tile installation work at Aldemar Olympian Village, Skafidia Ilias


Grey Roman Roof Tiles placement, Ag. Basileios, Patra


Red Roman Roof Tiles, Vlachokerasia Arcadia (1000m altitude)


Roof with Photovoltaics

It is a fact that in many projects we have done on roofs, using Panagiotopoulos roof tiles no roof tile has ever broken and the crew worked fine without the worry where to step on and if the roof tiles will hold. In contrast, of course, with other roofs that brake very easily.

Sidirokastritis Zois, CE, Olympic Engineering & Consulting Photovoltaics

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