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Panagiotopoulos S.A. is a family business with a history of more than half a century in the field of ceramics, and modern culture. Manufacturing bricks and top quality tiles , based in Ilia and with a clientele throughout Greece, our company has raised the bar of quality in the domestic market and managed to be the first choice of the customers and the technical world... Read More

Vertical Hole Bricks are those with the maximum crush strength, 15N / mm2. They offer the maximum strength and resistace to earthquakes



Our tiles with natural breathability, provide natural air conditioning by expelling water vapor and by balancing humidity.


Frost Resistance

Panagiotopoulos tiles combine beauty and perfect fit with durability in time and to all adverse conditions. We provide a written guarantee of unlimited time!


Ceramic Powder

Crushed ceramic, suitable for flooring, patios, gardens, roof gardens, pedestrianizations and other uses, as a main component, or as a substrate.


Roof Tiles


Our company’s belief in tradition and quality, combines the beauty and the perfect fit with durability in time and ice. Also, our tiles, make your home healthier because they make it ‘breathe’, offering coolness in summer and warm in winter. These properties of the ceramic products make them  stand out from other coating products.

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Panagiotopoulos bricks are of excellent quality, offering the greatest tensile strength possible, good water absorption, dimensional accuracy, uniform shape and compact mass. So we offer economy in construction, with durability in time and earthquakes, making your space beautiful, pleasant and healthy…

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Panagiotopoulos S.A.
82 km National Road Patras - Pyrgos - Anc. Olympia
Douneika Ilia, ΤΚ 27200 - Amalias
Tel.: (+30) 26220 27374
Fax: (+30) 26220 38054
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