Brick masonry is among the first materials man used, to build constructions that were essential to everyday life.
Many of these structures (monuments, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and medieval castles, churches, historical settlements and neoclassical buildings) still stand, after the passage of the centuries, and constitute our cultural heritage.
In our country and all over Europe, these structures have survived wars, fires, earthquakes and tough weather conditions.
That is why brick  is still the main material for filling the walls of modern buildings, because these materials have long durability and strength, they provide ideal waterproofing  soundproofing and thermal insulation properties, and finally they contribute to the anti-seismic behaviour of buildings.

Clay roof tiles as well, are the most suitable roof covering material, because they present both durability and exceptional strength, and they provide natural beauty and aesthetics.
Along with clay bricks, clay roof tiles provide ideal conditions of habitability and result in significant savings, with natural “air conditioning” of the building throughout the year:
the heating during the cold months lasts more time, while the heat during the summer months takes longer to affect interiors.
All this properties are achieved, because ceramic (clay) products are made completely like the old times: from clay, water and fire!

Our company invests heavily in making roof tiles and bricks of excellent quality, and has built its own laboratory that tests its products for endurance in all weather conditions, in accordance to EU specifications, standard EN 1304 for the tiles and EN 771- 1 for the bricks.
Furthermore, it has tested its tiles according to ASTM standards, for the US Market.

With “Panagiotopoulos S.A.” products, you will always have the best results, because our attention is focused only in quality.
We make bricks for building resistance, insulation and beauty because they are strong and durable.
Our roof tiles, are capable to withstand adverse conditions (ice, heat), with perfect fit, and are produced in a selection of both modern and traditional colours.

10 +1 reasons to prefer our products:

  • Products that meet all EU requirements, CE marked and ASTM tested.
  • Natural materials, made entirely of clay, recyclable and eco-friendly, with a long life-time.
  • Excellent raw materials from our own mine sites, company owned testing lab, modern and fully equipped production factory.
  • Materials that provide ideal living conditions, with natural aspiration, moisture and temperature stabilization and control of the building.
  • Zero wastage from production, to delivery and installation of the products.
  • Perfect fit, easy and quick installation.
  • Extremely high durability and strength.
  • Materials that building professionals (architects, builders, contractors) prefer.
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.
  • Our company respects and stands close to the client.
  • Roof tiles with Lifetime Warranty (applicable only in domestic market – for foreign markets, different warranty terms may apply).

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