Panagiotopoulos SA bricks are materials of excellent quality, with the highest compressive strength, the right water absorption, dimensional exactness, straight shape and a solid mass.

That’s why they provide building cost efficiency, with zero level of rejected bricks per pallet, quick and easy installation, ease of cutting exactly where the builder wants, no useless bricks have to be thrown away, minimizing waste costs. They also provide high earthquake resistance, durability over time, while they make the building pleasant healthy to live in,  controlling the interior micro climate  with thermal insulation, sound proofing and natural balancing of the temperature and humidity and finally they contribute to the anti-seismic behavior of buildings..

Furthermore, Panagiotopoulos SA bricks are smooth and do not contain chemical additives or firing process residues, protecting the builders hands.

 Key features:

  • Fast and easy building application
  • Cost effective
  • Maximum compressive strength
  • Environmental friendly
  • Constant quality control, in our own fully equipped laboratory

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