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Bioclimatic Building using Energy Efficient Brick
Using single wall, built using the “Energy Efficient Brick” you are given the opportunity to integrate the principles of bioclimatic design, in your new residence.
The objective of this design is to exploit all the available parameters that allow the reduction of heating, cooling and lighting, improve the microclimate, and provide smooth integration of the building on the environment,  maximizing the quality of life of residents.
Through the special arrangement of holes and satisfactory thermal insulation provided by “Energy Efficien Brick” of “Panagiotopoulos SA” in conjunction with high heat capacity, heat losses of the building are reduced while its thermal inertia is increased. The wall operates “warehouse” of energy, for the building.
This means that with appropriate building design, making during winter period use of direct and indirect solar gains through the openings, to maintain a temperature for several hours, reducing the need for thermal loads.

Similarly, during summer, the coolness of the night ventilation of the house is maintained during the day, reducing the need for cooling loads.
Simultaneously, the increased thermal capacity, the “Energy Ceramic” reduces insulation requirements, covering the demands of Energy Efficiency Code optimally and, cost-effectively.

Furthermore, building with “Energy Efficient Brick” helps protecting the environment (natural materials and method of production, a large life cycle, increased energy savings).
Moreover bricks because of their mass porosity can act as regulators of indoor humidity, releasing moisture when internal air is dry and bind the otherwise.
Apart from the above, this construction system presents a number of characteristics worth mentioned characteristics.
According to NTUA  Professor, Elizabeth Vintzylaiou: “The single masonry, ie masonry made of hight thickess and high thermal resistance bricks, has significant advantages over any other form of walls construction. It provides excellent erthquake behavior and fire resistance, significant acoustic capacity and certainly, a remarkable thermal capacity, which in combination with the very high thermal insulation and relatively low cost, make it a unique building material for energy efficient buildings. During an earthquake, this masonry behaves far better than the double walls with a gap, thus improving safety and reducing costs resulting from the post-seismic repair works. “
In conclusion, the properties that single wall masonry using Energy Efficient Brick combines, include the improvement of indoor climate quality, the thermal accumulation (thermal inertia) and thermal insulation, earthquake resistance and increased resistance to fire, qualities that are indispensable to bioclimatic buildings and total quality constructions.


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