Quality and Environmental Policy

Panagiotopoulos SA, having as main business scope the Quarrying, Transportation and Storage of Clay as well as Design, Production, Packaging, Storage and Distribution of Bricks and Roof Tiles, has developed, documented and implemented a Quality and Environmental Management System suitable for the field of its activity, the natural environment but also the environmental impacts of activities, products and services, inspired by international standards EN ISO 9001: 2008 & 14001: 2004 and has harmonized its procedures at these requirements, in order to promote the objectives and purposes aimed at taking initiatives and promoting action plans for continuous improvement of quality and environmental performance and customers’ satisfaction expectations, through the prevention of faults throughout the sum of the organizations processes, decrease of the negative Environmental impact and preservation of the personnel occupational health and safety.

For this reason, the organization:

  • seeks to achieve the required (based on its promises and customers’, society’s and legislative requirements) standard for its products and services
  • seeks registration, measurement, estimation and calculation of discontent (grievance, protest) and satisfaction (positive comments)
  • make good any non-compliances that  identify with a sufficient and adequate manner  and prevents the occurrence of such certain
  • trying always to the quality level and sensitivity of the organism in relation to products or actions to exceed customer’s and society’s expectations and invest aiming the minimize of outputs to the environment in any form (solid, liquid, gas), saving energy and natural resources and sustainable development and
  • ensure the awareness of all employees on environmental, health and safety issues.
  • “PANAGIOTOPOULOS SA” higher board is committed: to the continuous improvement of its Quality and Environmental Management System, the full compliance to international and national legislative and regulatory framework that applies to the sector it operates, in applicable codes of conduct relating to the operation of facilities and finally for taking preventive and corrective measures to the satisfaction of the customer and society, the achievement of  business goals and strategies while preventing deterioration of the domestic and international environmental organization. Also is commited for entering  from the implementation date of this Management System Quality & Environmental Management on a path of continuous improvement of quality and environmental performance as well as its practice relating to pollution prevention, to constantly ensure that the design, provision and upgrade of Resources, which are necessary for above’s implement , reviewing the policy and the objectives and purposes for their suitability and finally is commited that after the official certification body according to EN ISO 9001: 2000 & 14001: 2004, will observe faithfully all conditions and limitations, which will come from the Accredited Certification Body.

In the scope of quality and environmental policy and for the achievement of the always up to date quality and environmental objectives and targets, “PANAGIOTOPOULOS SA” recognizes, ensures and provides all the required resources while implementing quality footage and environmental management programs that share and communicate to all stakeholders.

The human potential of “PANAGIOTOPOULOS  SA” has undertaken to follow the current set of methods (procedures, processes, work instructions) that make up the Quality Management and Environmental Management System.

Actions for the Environment

Panagiotopoulos SA invests to protect the environment and minimizing any form (solid, liquid, gas) output to it.
For this purpose, it has implemented an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001: 2004.

In this context, there is a central commitment to a continuous process of improving environmental performance and also its practice relating to pollution prevention, to constantly ensure of design, provision and upgrading of Resources.

It adopts modern methods of production and operation for saving energy, natural resources and sustainable development.

Ensures the awareness and motivation of workers in environmental issues.
Keeps procedures for being informed on current legislation issues, that ensures its actions to satisfy.

Implements reforestation after exploitation of quarries.

During the production process and operation:

Recycling of used clay and intermediate products back to the feeders of raw materials, is applied. The excess of unused clay, during processing, is not thrown away but is returned for reprocessing.
Usage of modern technology, energy-efficient and electronically controlled machines.
Continuous equipment maintenance to reduce pollution and save energy.
Electronic monitoring of firing process to achieve optimum combustion with minimum emissions and optimum consumption.
Sustainable Management of scrap products: The scrap (broken – beaten – inappropriate for usage) roof tiles and bricks are not thrown, but are forwarded for alternative uses as road, stadiums, tennis courts etc construction materials.

Hazardous waste management / old equipment management. Waste from machinery operation (eg oil, grease) as well as machinery components (cables, screws, other items) are not thrown away, but disposed to certified recycling and reuse organizations.

Recycling points have been identified in the factory, whose workers have easy access and dispose their recyclables.

Moreover, recyclable waste collection points have been established in cooperation with recycling companies and organizations, where anyone can deposit his recyclables

Continuous training is provided to staff, to follow environmentally friendly behavior and to prevent any polluting damages.

Use of only energy efficient lamps.

Use of natural lighting during the day, wherever it is feasible.

Regular fleet renewal, consistent technical inspections and maintenance.

Products friendly to the environment

Ceramic roof tiles and bricks are non-hazardous products, environmentally friendly.

They are products made from Ilia’s Earth, Water and Fire.

They do not contain any hazardous substances.

They are totally natural products, allowing the construction to “breathe” and to “live”, improving the energy efficiency of the building.

They offer living comfort, environmental friendliness, minimizing energy losses.

They are characterized by ideal thermal conductivity, presenting optimum insulation and thermal mass  properties, keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer. This reduces the need to use polluting heating and cooling systems (radiators, air – condition).


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